Employee and Customer Surveys

Understanding Issues in Order to Implement Solutions

In contemporary management philosophy, employee empowerment is an accepted way of doing business. But good intentions do not always produce expected results.

All About Performance is skilled at conducting opinion surveys and interviews, tailored to each client's needs, which encourage employees and/or customers to share ideas about workplace improvement. When conducting surveys, we emphasize:

  • Employee and Management Participation
  • Cost/Benefit Analyses of Proposed Solutions
  • Productivity and Quality Improvements
  • Taking Action on Solutions
  • Improving Organizational Climate
  • Sharing information with the participants


You should consider conducting an employee survey if you are experiencing:

  • An increase in turnover
  • An increase in grievances or complaints
  • A decrease in employee morale
  • An increase in absenteeism or tardiness
  • A decrease in productivity
  • An increase in accidents or safety violations
  • A decrease in customer service ratings
  • An increase in theft / shrinkage
  • A decrease in participation or cooperation


The results of the survey can be used to:

  • Identify areas that contribute to low morale, high turnover, loss of customers
  • Improve processes, increase efficiency and productivity, reduce redundancies
  • Highlight policies and procedures that may be interfering with goal attainment (compensation, benefits, inconsistent enforcement)


When used effectively, these data are extremely successful in building teamwork and creating commitment to continuous improvement. More importantly our research has shown that satisfied employees deliver higher levels of quality service. By creating specific action plans to respond to key issues, important changes are made that improve the relationship between the company and your employees which in turn can improve the service you provide to your customers.

At the end of the survey process, we can work with you to present the results in a productive way so that you gain the necessary understanding and buy-in from the employees that are impacted by the data. We can also work with you to facilitate problem-solving sessions or teams to ensure that the findings turn into positive results.

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For more information on employee and customer surveys and other human resources consulting services, please contact Warren Bobrow.

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