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Change Management

In order to keep up with the changes in the marketplace, there is a constant drive to anticipate and react to new conditions.

The bigger the change, the more difficult it is to get all of your employees and other stakeholders on board. Without their commitment and support, changes are doomed to fail and consume valuable time and money resources along the way.

We can help you prepare for the inevitable bumps in the road and make the change run as smoothly as possible.

Organization Design and Structure

As customer needs change and technology advances impact the way we do our work, there is often a need to change the way a department or company is structured.

Whether moving toward centralized structures to gain an economy of scale or coordination or toward decentralization in order to increase customer contact and accountability.

All About Performance can help your organization figure out which design or structure works best for your goals.

These kinds of changes can also impact the number of employees that are needed to perform the key functions of the business. We can help you increase your staff with qualified candidates or reduce your personnel count as needed.

Strategic HR Planning

By designing interventions that are directly linked to strategic objectives, Human Resources can be more successful in gaining support from top management, as well as seeing desired and measurable results.

Human Resources professionals must consistently focus on how a particular project or policy impacts the corporate mission and goals and what core competencies are needed for the company to be successful.

By using recruiting, career development, selection, training, and performance management appropriately, you can directly impact the bottom line.

Workforce Planning

Workforce planning encompasses a broad range of activities including recruiting, selection, succession planning, staffing forecasts, compensation, employee relations, organizational structure, and retention.

An important consideration when looking at workforce planning is the interrelationships between all of these activities.

There are often occasions where making a change in one area has a negative impact in another area.

Allow All About Performance to help you sort out the pros and cons so that you can make smart, logical decisions about your personnel decisions to help you solve immediate challenges as well as meet your long-term strategic goals.

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